The Agriculture module was handled by experts from AME foundation. They gave a very good talk on the past and present agriculture systems. They made us realize the ill effects of chemical pesticides on the human health by showing videos that were really heart touching.

They briefed us about the FFS system (Farmer Friend School) and LEISA methodology of growing crops. They also told about SRI methodology for growing paddy. The most exciting part was the field visit to Amblikoppa village near Dharwad. We went into the paddy fields and interacted with the FFS farmers. We also had presentations in the field.



Gender module was taught by Neelam Maheshwari madam. The module was very exciting and interesting. I came to know the basic difference between sex and gender. I understood how prevalent is gender bias in our society and how unknowingly or knowingly we practice gender bias. The class was full of activities and icebreakers that made us to understand the concept. It was a very useful and an effective module.

Participatory Rural Appraisal

Participatory Rural Appraisal abbreviated as PRA is one of the best tools to know the conditions of lives of people, both rural and urban. It includes the active participation of the people. It includes various techniques like social mapping, transect walk, Venn diagram, time line, seasonality diagram, matrix ranking and few more. In my village study I applied all these techniques which helped me to identify and understand the problems and needs of the people. This provided me the first hands on data about the lifestyle and conditions of the people living in the village.


Hi all,

This is a competitive era where there is a huge competition in every field. So we need to sharpen our minds to get accustomed to this world. Here is a link for a website on mind map….

Know this Indian NGO


There are many NGOs in India that work in the field of education, health, environment and other development sectors. But there are only few of them with a success story. ‘Clean Ahmedabad Abhiyan’ is one of the such NGOs related with environmental issues whose mission is “Zero Garbage on Road”. To know more about the organisation click here….

Two faces of a FESTIVAL

I believe we all had a great time  celebrating the Ganesh Festival!!!! Yeah, its very true that it is a  signficant festival. we all celebrate it with huge Ganesha idols, visit each other’s home and have a lot of fun. In the north Karnataka people wait eagerly to celebrate this festival with firecrackers. This is the good face of the festival. The other face of it is the way in which we are disturbing our nature. The idols are prepared of unfriendly material which when immersed in the water sources effects the entire aquatic habitat. The foremost thing that we need to avoid is the use of  firecrackers. The firecrackers are so hazardous that apart from polluting our nature they destroy the avian habitat.  The crackers have become a threat to the avian life. At this point I would stress that we need to celebrate festivals in a more  eco -friendly manner. Isn’t this true?????


Meanings of words we often use….

This is a list of meanings of words….


  1. Evident (adj)= observable
  2. Diversity (n)= Variety
  3. Elaborate (adj)= Detailed
  4. Annunciation(n)= a formal public speech
  5. Eliminate(v)= Mark, remember
  6. Vigour(n)= active strength of body or mind
  7. Launch(v)= set up or establish
  8. Possessive(adj)= expressing ownership
  9. Dominate(v)= be greater in significance
  10. Significance(n)= importance